We’ve been wrongly programmed, now it’s up to us to change that programming and live your life as God meant it to be.

Last Update: 2 April 2022

Mayor of Chicago, pledge to the NWO (New World Order). We have to have compliance.

We’ve all been programmed! You Just Be Quiet and Obey!

If you’re still thinking that sending your children to school is the right thing for them, think again. If you believe what the education system, and it is a system to fail, say when they tell you that your wages will depend on your grades or education you would be wrong. I am proof of that. I agree with all of what this video says and that doesn’t happen often even in all the videos I share on my Blog posts.

I was always the last one of my class except for one more student, which comparing one student to another is a form of abuse on it’s own. It was always between him or me which one was going to be last. When I made it to college, I may have been the fastest typist, but only if I was copying from a book or written copy, because I couldn’t spell to save my life, I still can’t. One of my college teachers told me she would fail me if I didn’t cut my hair, all of us had to cut our hair because long hair was unprofessional, I refused to do so. My hair was long enough that I had to watch not to sit on it. I was the only one in class who refused to cut my hair, but I did adopt a hair style that would keep my hair up and tidy; that wasn’t good enough. She failed me in shorthand, the only class she had control over, which meant I wasn’t going to graduate so I quit and went to work. I could have passed shorthand by doing what so many in the class where doing; I could have cheated. There are many reasons why I didn’t. I got a job using my report card, as I had excellent marks where it counted, to get a job working with an accountant in a retail store. I did better in college than I did in grade school and High School, probably because I didn’t have a reputation of being last in class at that school.

Teachers have the power to make or brake a child. They have in their hands the power to mold their minds to have self-confidence and be a leader, or to have low self-esteem and struggle through life. Life is full of lessons, and we as children need guidance to lean how to handle crisis, and how to handle life’s challenges. It has been my experience that school barely taught me how to read and write, let alone teach me about real life.

About three years after I left college I married, two years after that I had a child, and my husband died shortly after my daughter’s second birthday. I was forced to fend for myself and my daughter with barely any education, and near bankruptcy. The day he died was to be my first day at my cleaning service, which I was planning on doing only until I found a “real job”. I raised my daughter on that “temporary” business and put money aside. I only gave it up after having gotten injured by a drunk driver after he rear-ended me and damaged me so badly that I was not able to work for seven years. Long story short, I am now a successful landlady. I raised my grandson, now twenty, while homeschooling him. I am able to create this Blog today and have all this free time to do volunteer work, mostly online now, because it isn’t every day that my tenants need me. It isn’t every day that something needs my attention. I am living well and I am able to spend time in whatever way I choose other then the draconian Nazi COVID measures we are living under for the time being. No thanks to the teachers in my school years, as a few of them were abusive, and many had no ideas how to teach. I’m sure I am worth more than the teacher who tried her best to discourage me, and had succeeded for many years in doing so. But I found the rights teachers and I leaned to undo the programming of all those years of damage and suppression both in school and at home. Now, as a landlady I make more in one month than I did in one year running a cleaning service with six part-time employees. And by the way, I still have my long hair. Madame C. L. you were wrong!

I still have my long hair, picture taken in 2020.

There’s a whole other story around my natural curls, but that’s another story for another time.

I am successful today because I held my grounds, I was stubborn. I wasn’t going to have this teacher run my life and tell me how long I was allowed to have my hair. It didn’t happen overnight, I had to deprogram myself. I wouldn’t have been able to do so had I not been stubborn, or determined. I wanted better for my daughter than what I was handed. I made my mistakes, and I learned from them and now I do my best to pass on what I learned to whomever wants to know. I believe that is the only way we will turn this world around, instead of allowing the New World Order, as the control freaks of this world are aiming to do, we can bring in the Golden Age of Beloved Saint Germain.

Here’s one man doing the world a lot of good, Bruce H. Lipton, BIOLOGY OF BELIEF. What he teaches is very much in line with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) which I trained for in 2000. I fully agree with what he says in this video, which I wrote about some of what he talks about in other Blog posts.

When you listen to this type of doctor, you start connecting the dots on how the world really runs. If you watch the videos on my Blog alone, you will see how we are being controlled, still as adults.

Follow Mike Adams on BitChute and Health Ranger Report.

One way I have done a lot of healing, in my past, is by using the Violet Flame. Yes, fire I visualized with my God given mind, combined with Decrees. To heal the planet, visualize the Violet Fire surrounding, and going through Earth. To heal yourself, visualize the Violet Fire surrounding, and going through your physical body. Extend the Fire to at least nine feet around you to also heal your bodies that are not visible to most people, although they are there just as much as your physical body. For more on this teachers please click here!

One could say that both the anti-maskers and the MIT researchers are engaging in propaganda, anxious to present only evidence favorable to their side. But in another sense, one could argue that they are only parroting the narrative promoted by the mainstream media and our politicians, while anti-maskers are actually approaching the data critically.

Click to read more: MIT Researchers Admit Anti-Maskers Are More Scientifically Rigorous By Annie Holmquist

Microsoft have been trying to bring humans and machine as one for a very long time. The problem with that is, we are the guinea pigs to these mad “scientists” playing with Mother Nature and our lives.

If you pay attention you will see how they are use the same program. The ‘news’ networks are no longer giving you the news, they are giving you propaganda. I wasn’t able to embed the video, you can watch it on Ytb: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtiefI-06UA or here on their website.

As for Trudeau claiming Canada is back, he’s a disgrace to Canada and he is digging himself deeper and taking us along with him. He is making a mockery of our great country.

Under this joker prime mister, this guy is costing us tax payers our great-grandchildren’s income: Trudeau’s doomed UN Security Council bid cost taxpayers over $8.6 million

Here is something new. My first impression was that of another political party, but one that was actually with the We The People of Canada which made me look closer. Better than a new political party, for us Canadians, volunteers are the only ones standing up against this tyranny in a way that will turn this country around for the best:

#Canada1st – Party of Canada www.canada1stpartyofcanada.ca,
~Cleaning up the Swamp in #Canada~ The only Political Party in Canada who is standing up against and will cut off Canada’s #Diplomatic #Economic #Commerce #Military #Trade relationships with #CCP. Canada 1st Party of Canada – It’s time to clean up the “deep” swamp in Canada! www.canada1stpartyofcanada.ca

Follow Romana Didulo on Gab! Many, many volunteers are serving Cease and Desist Orders to all official offices, schools, businesses, and all locations offering the COVID-19 jab ordering all to stop the COVID-19 jab, and to open now with no more COVID measures.

Poster credit: https://www.deconstructingconventional.com/post/18-reason-i-won-t-be-getting-a-covid-vaccine

On this website you can download dozens of scientific studies and investigative reports that confirms Dr Reiner Fuellmich’s claim that the pandemic is a crime against humanity. Share this scientific evidence with your own family practitioner, school teachers, medical staff, law enforcement, local authorities, etc.  Stop World Control has also created several in-depth reports that prove how the pandemic has been planned for decades.

Always remember, together we win, separate we all fall! Let’s bring Canada, and the rest of the world, back to even better than it ever was before this pandemic scam.

The following video revels the lies around the number of deaths. If you look back at my posts from last year, you will see how I was censored on Facebook for sharing that truth. If you want to save time, start watching from 12:12 to the end:

For a variety of videos on the following subject: MAGNETOGENETICS, CO-FINANCED BY DARPA, GATES, ROCKEFELLERS, ZUCKERBERG! ISN’T THIS WHY VAXXERS TURN INTO FRIDGE DOORS AND MAGNETS STICK ON THEM?! Click here to read and watch video! And watch another video on what people are experiencing, and what happens when you don’t listen to your own intuition. Like so many videos, I was not able to embed this one, please click: Biden’s Plan to Squash Anti-Vaccine Rhetoric Exposed

It’s time you take your life into your own hands and protect your children. Do your own research, check things out for yourself, please do not accept to be a guinea pig. There is much more behind these vaccines than we will ever know.

Come up with your own conclusion, I know what I’m thinking…

In this video, Dr.SHIVA Discusses Why Working People Unite Is the ONLY Way to Truth Freedom Health (I was not able to embed the video for whatever reason). Read more on his website. We will bring our lives to actually living verses being slaves to the Elite when we stand together. Dr Shiva explains how this was done in the past, and how we can work together today. It is a very important part of history and if enough people come together, we will make history a good thing this time around. I am a member of his Truth Freedom Health Warrior, please join me.

Click here to keep up with the damages and deaths by COVID shots! or check it out for yourself as I did below. As of June 6, 2021, this was the results of COVID-19 VACCINE DEATHS for all gender, all ages, in the US only:

On another note:


To save time, skip video to 8:30 to find out what the “COVID-19 shot” really is. Since this video was created, the CDC changed to meaning or definition of vaccines in order to include their latest shot:


If you can and want to help, please do so in your area.

[Forwarded from Romana Didulo ~ Head of State & Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government, Queen of Canada]
Hello Canada 2.0,

Any emergency Federal Elections now or in the future held by “Canada Inc (Corporation Government), has zero, effect on the, “We The People’s Government, Canada 2.0.”

Canada Inc.(DBA – doing business as Government of Canada) , is a PRIVATE Corporation just like Walmart, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, etc.

Their company bi-laws apply only to their Employees, Management, Board of Directors, Exective Members and Share Holders.

Please, continue to deliver the Cease and Desist Order (via Email, Fax, or in person) to wake up your Canadian Brothers and Sisters, ASAP, because the rest of the world is waiting on all of you (Canadian Patriots) to show them the Freedom TEMPLATE. Pdf of the Cease and Desist Order available here! Also available in French.

If you are Canadian, and living in Canada, and you want to help stop the CCP from taking over our country, you are part of We The People of the Republic of Canada and you have authorization to serve a Cease and Desist Order to anyone offering the COVID jab, and anyone still implementing the COVID restrictions. You can also Click Here for a Cover Letter. There are variations of these for other countries, join the group for your province or country through https://t.me/Canada1st

Except, I’m really not sorry 🙂

[Forwarded from Romana Didulo ~ Head of State & Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government, Queen of Canada]

Re: The Cease and Desist Order, I, issued uses “Natural Law”.

Natural Law, is highest Law of this Universe.

Common Law, is a Human construct that is “subordinate” to Natural Law.

Some charlatans will have you believe that you require “special syntax grammar” to untangle yourselves from enslavement, corruption, and criminality. No.

Only, Natural Law, can do that.

Game over for them.

#WWG1WGA ??? ???

Updated: April 2, 2022:

Related posts for above quote: In past posts I have encouraged my readers to sign up for the :Claim_of_the_Life. to remove yourself from the Birth Certificate scam, which I did for myself. It did nothing for me so far because I didn’t know how to use it. My whole Blog is about exposing the lies and manipulation going on by our governments and the health care, and I post ways to change thing when I find them. If I directed you in the wrong way or with the wrong ideas in any way, I will correct it as soon as I find out. I will study how to syntax as I want to recognize contracts that are manipulative or just plain wrong. I leave that in your hands. I spoke about this subject in the following posts:

The US Military is on our side, they have our back!

Dear Canadians,

Expect to see more unmarked Military Aircrafts landing in Canada.

Romana Didulo,

Head of State and Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government, Queen of Canada.


Here you can check out many resources in the following blog post: The Adverse Effects of Experimental Messenger RNA (mRNA) “Vaccines” a.k.a. Injections For COVID-19. If you are willing to find out the truth about the world we are living in, check out his other posts on the same blog.

To learn more see following Blog post from: https://www.humorousmathematics.com/

Introducing Romana Didulo: Head of State & Commander-In-Chief of The Sovereign Republic of Canada

The evil doers are not done fooling you, be alert, think, wake-up! Evil will stop at nothing. This is a photo used to photoshop Commander-in-Chief being arrested in order to discredit her. The same things happened to Trump before, during, and after he was in office. These will continue to be circulated for years to come, that’s how evil works. Talent wasted to do evil!

SHOCK: Canadian police arrest Maxime Bernier, former federal cabinet minister and leader of a political party, for “illegally” attending an anti-lockdown protest.3:36 PM · Jun 11, 2021 from Toronto, Ontario

The phone of Bernier being arrested was used to photoshop Romana Didulo to make it look as if it was her getting arrested.

I told you a few times now that we are at war. When are people going to realize that and help us get our country back instead of being compliant with the CCP draconian measures? More on the work going on in Canada right now, and throughout the world:

Super Important to watch this following video!

The cat is out of the bag!

I lost so called friends for telling them the truth, I was censored on FB, and my account was suspended on Twitter. Now the truth was forced out and the MSM has no choice but to let the truth out, at least some of it.

Here is the video we’ve all been waiting for:

And that’s not all, now they managed to divide us for real:

Update, to May 20, 2021, on the corruption around the world involved in the US election 2020 – also check out there website.

I feel sad for those who took the jab! Not only they risked their lives taking it, but instead of helping as they were told it would do, it actually did the opposite.

Lastly, this video is a compilation of things happening around the world that most people don’t know about. I hope you take time to watch it, especially if you are knew to all of this information:

Pray for Peace and Healing for All the People on this beautiful planet, because wars will end when the people’s consciousness has been raised.

Pray for ALL Freedom Loving People around the world! The tyranny going on in America, and around the world has got to stop. You need to take this seriously, our Freedom depends on us regaining control of our countries, and of our lives. Keep the faith! Remember, The Light of God never fails. Focus on what you want America, and the rest of the world to look like, how will the people live? Focus on how FREE everyone already is, as if we are already there – this is very important. Do what needs to be done to gain your freedom; remember, God helps those who help themselves. Then, let go and let God, and remember, positive changes rarely comes from the top, it comes from the bottom-up.

Follow me:

In Peace, Love, and Light,



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