We are in a silent war, worldwide, stand up for your rights, freedom is not free

Updated August 24, 2021

We are just about done with defeating the top players for the NWO’s plans to take over the world. But the lower players are still pushing their scams and agendas, we must continue fighting for our rights and freedoms or we will lose it all. See what they had planned for us…


Spiro Skouras January 26, 2020

I already shared with you in previous posts, that it was since discovered that the patent for the covid “vaccine” was registered before the actual virus they created. Be sure to check out the links under his video on his BitChute Channel. This is a simulation preparation plan named Event 201 which happened only a few weeks before the plandemic was declared.

I Recommend the Following for you to do research on these subjects:


I do suggest books, CD’s, or DVD’s from Summit Lighthouse from time to time because Mark L. Prophet, who is now known as the Ascended Master Lanello, and Elizabeth Clare Prophet where the representatives of the Ascended Masters in their time. I was a member of the organization until Mrs. Prophet announced her retirement, she has since passed away. Mrs. Prophet was well read and well educated in the field of Metaphysics, therefore, I do recommend some of her materiel for those who wish to learn about the past.

For those of you who want to have current information from the Ascended Masters Teachings, I recommend you follow, and join, The Temple of The Presence. Monroe Julius Shearer and Carolyn Louise Shearer are the Anointed Representatives for our time. I followed them for two years before I joined the organization in 2004 and was present in Arizona during the Lovers of Life conference, available for purchase online among many other Albums. Stay current with the Thoughtform of the Year 2021 and many other teachings. To help with visualization, please also check out their artwork, photographs, and books.

Please do not mistake trans-channeling (a low vibration of partial truths) with the Anointed Representatives of the Ascended Masters. Click Here for More!

To learn more on how we have all been manipulated since birth, and so were our parents, and even our grandparents…


More on their website!

and series of three books from The Epoch Times:

and the following…

Wagging The Dog Part 1 -The Story Behind The Story Of Covid-19

WealthyMindMastery Published August 24, 2021

See more on my Channel… uploading as I find them with permission to copy and share. Go back on my precious blog post for much more information on these subjects. After watching this, you will understand why Fauci is facing the death penalty.

Who Are The New World Order – A Brief History

If ever you mention the term ‘New World Order’ (NWO) people tend to look at you like you’ve taken leave of your senses. This is understandable because the suggestion that a hidden cartel of so called elite globalists (described more accurately as the parasite class) control the world’s economy and its political agenda is beyond imagination for most. Thankfully, for those who care to retain an open mind, there’s no need to employ imagination because the historical evidence which establishes the fact is unequivocal.

Click here to read article! and watch video below.


Psychological warfare on America – Yri Alexandrovich Bezmenov or Tomas Schuman

WealthyMindMastery Published August 19, 2021

The NWO is no longer a conspiracy theory – we are living it

WealthyMindMastery Published August 18, 2021

And this…

Biden We have put together the biggest voter fraud in history of America

WealthyMindMastery Published August 16, 202

We Have it All – All Lies Will Be Revealed

WealthyMindMastery Published August 18, 2021

How to Steal an Election

WealthyMindMastery Published August 18, 2021

And this…

NASA vs Humanity

WealthyMindMastery Published August 16, 2021

This video is extremely important – if you only watch one video from this post, please make it this one, although they are all important.

…the major foundations were all organized by the same small group of people, bankers and lawyers who function as front men for the World Order. Click here to read documents.

Here is another video with shocking revelations, I was not able to embed it, but you can watch it here.

Trump, the military, and allied forces are dealing with the Cabal… not only for the United States, but for the world. More will be revealed soon. Be prepared to be ? many have already been arrested, trialed, and either jailed or executed for crimes against humanity. All lies will be revealed! We ALL need to continue praying for humanity, for the success of those who are fighting this silent war for ALL of humanity worldwide.

President Eisenhower’s Granddaughter and her Message to the genocidal Bill Gates and the Elite of the New World Order

Stop Incoming Dictatorships – Hugo

WealthyMindMastery Published August 18, 2021

Dark Journalist X-Election: Deep State Showdown – Trump Uses JFK National Security Memo 57!

Streamed live on Nov 20, 2020

The Whole World is Watching – Trump Won, and We Know It!

WealthyMindMastery Published August 16, 2021

How the 2020 U.S. election was stolen

WealthyMindMastery Published August 17, 2021


by Fall Cabal Posted May 6, 2020

Soon it will be made public, the “royal” family were fakes, they were part of the Cabal and now they are no more…

Rand Paul – Resist COVID Tyranny

WealthyMindMastery Published August 18, 2021

Freedom is NOT free, you much constantly protect your rights and freedom or you will lose them all. STOP following the draconian rules!

The New Normal:
Citizens In Charge
Make Americans Free Again

Get involved! Join one or more groups of people who are fighting for YOUR rights and freedom: Click here to check out this site! Make sure you also check out my new page Links for Researchers and truth seekers.

If you prefer to read instead of watching videos, I recommend the following…

Meantime, in Canada…

Queen of England, dead for crimes against humanity…

All of your Top amd middle Politicians, fake and evil Royal Families have been dethroned removed, tried and executed for crimes against humanity.

Buckingham Palace has been boarded up and the fake Royal Families, assets and all properties confiscated and seized. Also, they’ve been stripped of their titles and privileges including Military ranks. https://t.me/romanadidulo/835

  1. Who is Romana Didulo?

Introducing Romana Didulo: Head of State & Commander-In-Chief of The Sovereign Republic of Canada

Updated: Aug 3

Finally, Canada has been appointed a new anti-globalist, anti-NWO, anti-CCP, anti-PLA leader by the US military and white hat military alliance (Federation Command Forces & Allied Forces) to save the Canadians from the ongoing tyrannical government forced COVID restrictions and genetic biowarfare experimental injections being administered across the country to children as young as 12.

Click Here for More!

  • 2. Are there any controversies about her?

When the following video, from Rebel News, came out I was a member of Romana’s Cease and Desist Ontario group, I was following the Canada 1st Telegram Channel which is related to Romana, and I was following her channel, I had even signed up for the Military Humanitarian volunteers. I shared the link from Rebel News’ video, on the Canada 1st Telegram channel for admin to take a look, in case they didn’t already know about it. I don’t know for sure if that is the post that got me banned from the group, all I got from admin is that I was banned for spamming – which I did not do. If I had shared my blog posts, that would have been spamming – I did not. I also shared two links, not related to me; one in reply to a post someone shared, giving her information about what she posted about, the last one to correct errors, dis-information, admin shared on the Canada 1st Telegram channel. One of those got me banned. When I clicked for the explanation, I got something to the effect of: “don’t blame me, I’m just a robot”. No one there to talk to about why I was banned, no turning back.

My own ego was bruised and got the best of me, so I left the other channels related to Romana as I do not take lightly to been accused of something I did not do, and not being able to defend myself – I have been through too much narcissist abuse to put up with more.

Now, with all that said. Does any of this have to do with Romana directly? No! All of her staff is volunteers, including creating her website, some with very big egos who don’t like been told they are wrong about the information they shared. Could I have fought to get back into the group? Probably, I know someone who did – he was banned a few times. That is not my way.

I even got banned from a Qanon group on FB, in the same way. I later found out I had went against one of their strict rules of not posting anything in a language other than English. What I had posted was in Italian with subtitles. I didn’t know I did anything wrong by posting that in the group, just like I don’t know what I did wrong on the Canada 1st Telegram group. I can assure you that if I started a group of any kind, I would have strict rules and I would ban anyone for going against them – although I would make those rules very clear ahead of anyone joining, and I would let them know why they have been banned. Private groups are not public places, although I would not have put Canada 1st in that category, it isn’t for me to say.

Was Rebel News right? Not in my opinion. In fact I was very much disappointed in that piece as he obviously never did ANY investigation. What he did is manipulated the information from her channel, twisted it around, purposefully cut off part of it, and gave his opinion on someone he obviously didn’t bother doing any research on. He didn’t even bother studying how her posts are done. For your information, the questions come from the members of the groups, and from followers. She uses the question as the title for the post, simple. Had he done even a little investigation on her channel, he would not have gotten that completely wrong.

Before I joined her channel, and before I pointed many people her way, I did do research on her, I made my choice to join her with a full open mind and knowledgeable view. I was aware of some controversies, and pros and cons of joining her. What Rebel News did was no better, or different, than what the MSM did to Trump.

Please keep all of that in mind when you watch the following video. I have proof of him falsifying information after the video, you decide. I am sharing this so you can see for yourself how the media twists things around to advance their own agendas they delete important parts to the story to manipulate it in their favour – Rebel News is no different.

Who is the new “Queen of Canada” Romana Didulo?

Give credit where credit is due. Trump went through the same thing. Liars are not worth wasting time and energy on. Stop watching their “news”.

Romana has arranged to send air firefighters to put out the fires in BC where the local firefighters where purposefully allowing the fires to burn out complete neighbourhoods and even a full town. She is responsible to having created a Go Fund Me for those who lost their house by these fires, it was attacked. Another one was created. She was responsible for getting hay to farmers to keep their livestock alive when they were not able to get feed for them. Farmers were then able to care for their livestock. She has ordered farmers to STOP destroying their crops as they had been given instructions to do so, see my last week’s post for more on that subject. That, Rebel News did not mention in their video, exactly the same thing the MSM did to Trump, and are still doing.

Very soon you will find out how wrong Rebel News was. Very soon ALL lies will be revealed.

Here is the actual post on Romana’s channel about the Mandatory Military Service (now called Military Humanitarian Service) which Rebel News partially cut off when creating their video. And now you know why I will no longer financially support Rebel News for anything, which I have done so many times in the past. Rebel News has shown their true colours, they are not the “investigative” reporters they claim to be, but an opinionated group no better than the MSM, or the tabloid reporters.

MSM and their lies

One way to tell if something is true and worthy of your attention, is if the MSM puts it down 🙂 and as you can see they did. What does that tell you?

Remember, the MSM works for the CCP and the Cabal. They are paid trolls working against ALL We The People worldwide. It also means, we are winning! They feel the need to push harder with their constant lies and manipulations.

A Cease and Desist order the government officials choose not to obey. Look back in my previous Blog Posts. Check out the following site. Do some research, click on the image below. Be informed, stop believe the Media, they all lie:

Pursuant to the Tribunal’s Final Order of November 29, 2020 and its Universal Jurisdiction under Natural and Common Law, under Articles 6 and 7 of the International Criminal Court Statute banning Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity 7, and under 18 USC 1091,
You Are Hereby Ordered To CEASE & DESIST and Immediately Halt The Distribution And Use Among The Human Population In Your Jurisdiction Of Any And All “COVID VACCINATIONS” [GENETIC BIOWARFARE] and PCR tests As Constituting Genocide And Crimes Against Humanity In Your Jurisdiction.
You are hereby served with: Click here for the cease and desist document in pdf.

Another one who makes no sense in “exposing” Romana is the pitiful site: Romana Didulo Exposed, Grifter Extraordinaire. Remember, people will do anything for attention and for their God, money.

3. Now you need to ask yourself: “who are these people writing against Romana?” Have they even spoken with her? Where are they getting their information from? Why create a whole website, against her, with her name? Remember there are paid trolls everywhere working for the CCP and the Cabal. What are they really afraid of? Do some investigation of your own, and remember what happened to members of the Media after WWII. Which side will you be on?

5. Why am I defending her?

Romana is very much capable on her own, she needs no defending. Call it a big ego, or call it confidence, it’s up to you. You need to make up your own mind about people, stop letting the news media telling you what to think, and think for yourself. Ask questions. Make up your own mind, but do your homework first. After all, do you not research before buying a car? Do you not research before buying a house? Do you not research before buying a computer or any other meaningful items? Isn’t your life, your physical body, your mental body, your freedom worth at least some research? We are being deceived in every way, it’s time you see with open eyes.

Aircraft Air Traffic over Canada, US, and Mexico on or about August 9, 2021 – is that what you think is ‘normal’ or is there special military operations going on?

I joined for the Military Humanitarian Page specifically for the following, you can too by clicking on the image below and following through. There are groups in many counties. This is a worldwide operation, see if yours is there. More on MedBeds coming soon… I will be sharing a few things to do to help you reverse the damages from the covid experimental injection in another blog post – stay tuned, or check out, and subscribe to my Rumble channel.

An Invitation!

Topic: Deep Truth on 9/11 – the Real Scheme and Science – David Icke and Richard Gage join Foster Gamble on the Freedom Portal

Description: 09/11 – A date that lives on in history.
What really happened? What has it led to? What have we learned?

Foster wanted to blow the lid off this most notorious of false flag events once and for all, so he reached out to the two researchers he considers most deeply informed about the scheme and the science for this 20th anniversary expose.

About our guests…
David Icke’s 900 page masterwork THE TRIGGER: The Lie that Changed The World – Who Really Did it and Why is the most definitive explanation of the real who, why and how it was pulled off.
Richard Gage formed ARCHITECTS and ENGINEERS for 911 TRUTH to show the world that the science behind the official narrative of how 3 buildings came down is complete BS.

You don’t want to miss this free, live event! Lies will be exposed as we follow the money and apply real science to determine the truth about this tragic moment! We’ll also explore what we can do with that knowledge going forward.

Time: September 11, 2021 – 9:00 am PST Click Here To Register!

Pray for ALL Freedom Loving People around the world! The tyranny going on in America, and around the world has got to stop. You need to take this seriously, our Freedom depends on us regaining control of our countries, and of our lives. Keep the faith! Remember, The Light of God never fails. Focus on what you want America, and the rest of the world to look like, how will the people live? Focus on how FREE everyone already is, as if we are already there – this is very important. Do what needs to be done to gain your freedom; remember, God helps those who help themselves. Then, let go and let God, and remember, positive changes rarely comes from the top, it comes from the bottom-up.

Follow me:

In Peace, Love, and Light,



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