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Learn to become your own sovereign being and control your own space and destiny

We have programmed that the governments will take care of us, the police will defend us, our parents are too old fashion to get it, the news networks tells the truth, and the medical system knows best, therefore we have not learned to care for ourselves, at least most people fit that description and have no critical thinking in their whole body

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We are living in a modern day holocaust, wake everyone you know before it’s too late

As an NLP practitioner, and hypnotist, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that what we have been experiencing for the past few years is abusive, manipulative, psychological warfare, and especially more so since the beginning of the so called COVID-19. It’s time to act!

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Exposing the lies. A lie is still a lie no matter who says it or how often

It’s a mad world. They are lying; exposing their plan. We need to decide to be free humans beings and go on with our lives.

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Jesus Our Saviour Was Born – Not So You Can Give Up Your Freedom To Communism

The lies continues to spread, but so is the truth – from The Infectious Myth to Who is Calling the Shots, the mass is waking up to the Real Pandemic – the lies, and who’s behind them.

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Is there anything ‘normal’ about 2020?

Anyone who is still not convinced that this is a war, really needs to be shaken up to wake up. From a fake pandemic to election fraud and everything in between. Which side of history are you on?

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Two Sides of History? Question Everything!

Now will you please pay attention? This is a world war against humanity, against all of us, worldwide. This is not time to be divided.

We need to stand together and fight back. Your future, everyone’s future depends on it.

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Concentration Camps in Canada! What’s going on?

Remember all those who fought for us so we can have Freedom?
We all asked: “how can people have let this happen?” I for one, do not want my great-grandchildren asking the same question about today and the coming years.

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With all the narcissistic abuse we are all experiencing around the world, many will need this course.
From Narcissistic Abuse to Freedom

The Quantum Healing Starter Pack

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Do Your Own Research! Use discernment!