Learn to become your own sovereign being and control your own space and destiny

Learn to become your own sovereign being, is not to be taken lightly. We have been programmed that the governments will take care of us, the police will defend us, our parents are too old fashion to get it, the news networks tells the truth, and the medical system knows best, therefore we have not learned to care for ourselves, at least most people fit that description and have no critical thinking in their whole body.

Free your mind, let go the chains

From the governments’ none existence to what is really going on in the Spiritual world, let’s dissect these and find the truth somewhere in the purposeful deceptions.

If only people knew there is no government, and that all courts have been closed, and all medical tyranny is operating under false pretense of authorization. Maybe people will eventually open their eyes, but when and at what cost?

I wrote about these subjects many times now, and feel that I have to repeat myself and elaborate as it seems to have fallen on deft ears, and blind eyes. At this point I have to tell you to please go back on my previous posts, at least the past two posts before this one and actually watch the videos I shared and actually read what I wrote, and pay attention, take notes, and share your findings.

First, become a sovereign so you can manage your own life.

Let’s start with the fake governments around the world, not only in the US. Let me repeat: there are no governments!

If you are Canadian as I am, start with the following:

~22-~SEPTEMBER-~2020: Meeting-Audio. By :SYNTAX-LEARNING-CENTER-~0.

This video explains why you need to get off of the birth-certificate-system and get your Claim-of-life. I got mine through :Russell-Jay: Gould., also known to us members as :Chief.

Then continue with the rest of the videos on https://www.lastflagstanding.com/videos/

If those videos don’t open your eyes and convince you that we have no governments, we’ve been tricked and lied to our whole lives, and it’s time to take the reigns and control your own destiny, nothing will – go back to sleep, this site is not for you and I mean it. I only have interest in helping those who are willing to take responsibility for their own lives and are willing to take action. Always remember: God helps those who help themselves. I will not take anyone by the hand any longer, unless it’s a child in my care. No one will save you, you have to save yourself. Although you do need and should be asking for help from the Ascended Masters and Angels.

Now, there are a lot of truth bombs in these videos but not all of it is in plain site. You need to do your own research, but I am willing to help you get started in that. As I said before, go back in my previous posts, check out my Links for researchers and truth seekers and use discernment.

Second, protect your Soul, ask God, the Ascended Masters, and the Angels for help, and know what’s going on in the churches!

Pray like you’ve never prayed before. Pray as if the whole world’s survival depends on it, because it does. We need to come together, in each of our own spiritual beliefs, and pray for one common goal, peace on earth. Pray for evil (energy veils) to be removed and replaced with God Light and God guidance.

Learn the truth about what’s behind religions, and meditate, ask for the truth to be revealed to you, then pay attention to where you are guided, and as always use discernment. That takes practice, but it is worth all the effort. There is no time to waist. The world is changing fast whether you want it or not, and whether you want to believe it or not. The question is, which way do you want it to go?

Here is one of the videos I use to pray every morning:

Archangel Michael’s Rosary for Armageddon from Decrees, Lectures, Dictations on YouTube which is part of Summit Lighthouse. These are prayers to Archangel Michael, the protector of mankind.

Download the pdf to have the words in front of you so you can follow, not just listen.

Here is a series that I also use, amongst many, you can also purchase the CD’s if you prefer but I like the idea of doing this through the shared videos because it has the visual aspects and I feel as it I am not doing this alone. We are stronger in numbers.

The rosary she is referring to in the video, I’m sure you can create your own if you cannot purchase one:

Save the World with Violet Flame – 1 (side A) by Decrees, Lectures, Dictations on YouTube

Save the World with Violet Flame – 1 (side B) by Decrees, Lectures, Dictations on YouTube

If you prefer to do both sides in a row without interruption, here is the video for that. These are beginners’ slow pace, once you get used to doing decrees and have learned the words you can go on their channel and use one of the faster pace.

Save the World with Violet Flame – 1 Side A and B

DAVOS in the CATACOMBS: Klaus Schwab’s Secret Vatican Connection

RemnantTV Published August 18, 2021

What if I were to tell you that a key Council Father at Vatican II was also an honored guest speaker early on at the World Economic Forum in Davos?

What if I were to also tell you that, in addition to being close to Klaus Schwab 40 years ago, this archbishop also held a secret meeting in the middle of the night under the streets of Rome to plot the downfall of the traditional Catholic Church at the close of Vatican II?

A wild conspiracy theory? A plot from a Malachi Martin novel?

Well, it’s absolutely true. We have startling new video of Klaus Schwab giving it all away. Want to know what Francis is all about? Well, this is it!

No wonder he’s going to the Glasgow in November to address the UN climate change conference. And guess what? While in Scotland, Francis will NOT offer a public Mass.

This video is for ANYONE, Catholic or otherwise, who wants to know what’s going on in the Vatican with Pope Francis and the Globalist movers and shakers of the New World Order.

Prepare to have the blindfold removed.


Third, learn natural healing to care for yourself and your family, we have been lied to our whole life.

What about your physical body? What is it going through right now, especially is you received the deadly covid jab? Here are some of the websites, and videos to start your research. You need to take this seriously as you cannot depend on the governments, or the tyrannical medical system to tell you the truth.

Natural Ways to Increase Autophagy and Detox Spike Proteins After COVID Infection, Vaccination


Dr. Yuhong Dong

Dr. Paul Marik

Oct 29 2022

At least 10 to 30 percent of individuals infected by SARS-CoV-2 have experienced post-COVID syndrome (also known as long-hauler syndrome, or long COVID). In the United States, 18 to 19 percent (nearly 1 in 5) of adults who reported ever having had COVID-19 currently have symptoms of long COVID, defined as symptoms lasting three or more months that were not present prior to having COVID-19.

“Post-COVID-vaccine syndrome,” a newly coined term by Dr. Paul Marik, is defined as the temporal correlation between receiving a COVID-19 vaccine and the beginning or worsening of clinical manifestations which are sufficient to diagnose a COVID-19 vaccine-induced injury when symptoms cannot be explained by other concurrent causes.

Both types of diseases have contributed to the fact that 8 percent (nearly 1 in 13) of U.S. adults, regardless of prior COVID-19 infection, currently have post-COVID-like conditions.

Read more: https://www.theepochtimes.com/health/natural-ways-to-increase-autophagy-and-detox-spike-proteins-after-covid-infection-vaccination_4827913.html?utm_source=share-btn-copylink

From the above article, National Library of Medicine on Ivermectin: Bioscience Reports

Fourth, pray, learn, act, then let go and let God!

Remember to forgive yourself and others so that all may heal and raise the earth’s vibration.

Why Man Must Forgive Himself: Universal Freedom through Forgiveness by Mark Prophet April 9, 1971, during the “Class of the Resurrection Flame” at Colorado Springs, Colorado.

For the thanks for reading is with the pleasure of writing.

The tyranny going on in America, and around the world has got to stop. You need to take this seriously, our Freedom depends on us regaining control of our countries, and of our lives. Keep the faith! Remember, The Light of God never fails. Focus on what you want America, and the rest of the world to look like, how will the people live? Focus on how FREE everyone already are, as if we are already there – this is very important. Do what needs to be done to gain your freedom; remember, God helps those who help themselves. Then, let go and let God, and remember, positive changes rarely comes from the top, it comes from the bottom-up.

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The draconian measures will stop when EVERYONE stops being compliant with the enemy!


All information posted on my website, or channels, are the opinion of the author and is provided for research and educational purposes only. I do not guarantee the accuracy of any articles, videos, memes, or images posted on my site, on my video channel, or on my social media. I do not endorse any websites, person, or groups shared within. It’s time people learn to be skeptical and stop taking everyone’s word as gospel and learn to think for themselves. Stop waiting for the “news media” to tell you what to think, and what to believe. Do Your Own Research! Use discernment!



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All information posted on my website, or channels, are the opinion of the author and is provided for research and educational purposes only. It is not medical advice, please consult with a healer of your choosing for health care and advice. It is not financial advice, please consult with a professional in the fields you are concerned about. I do not guarantee the accuracy of any articles, videos, memes, or images posted on my site, on my video channel, or on my social media. I do not endorse any websites, person, or groups shared within. It’s time people learn to be skeptical and stop taking everyone’s word as gospel and learn to think for themselves. Stop waiting for the “news media” to tell you what to think, and what to believe.

Do Your Own Research! Use discernment!