They say it’s safe and effective, but they lie, it’s poison; It’s high time the public open their eyes to the truth. STOP being compliant – this is a war!

It may be silent, but it is a war we are experiencing. As long as people are lining up for this deadly jab, or continue wearing a muzzle, and allow themselves to be lockdown or jails to fights a flu, we will continue counting the casualties. YOU can stop this war right now, all you need to do is STOP following the draconian measures, stop obeying the enemies. Use common sense! Do research! Stop poisoning your, physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies.

Let’s start by showing you where this so called COVID came from – way back starting in 1999, yes you read that right and no it isn’t a typo. Not only was covid created in a lab, but it was patented BEFORE, the so called vaccine was patented:


You can view information about the patents in the following article:

EXCLUSIVE: COVID-19 ‘has NO credible natural ancestor’ and WAS created by Chinese scientists who then tried to cover their tracks with ‘retro-engineering’ to make it seem like it naturally arose from bats, explosive new study claims

  • An explosive new study claims researchers found ‘unique fingerprints’ in COVID-19 samples that they say could only have arisen from manipulation in a laboratory
  • exclusively obtained the new 22-page paper authored by British Professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian scientist Dr. Birger Sørensen
  • The study showed there’s evidence to suggest Chinese scientists created the virus while working on a Gain of Function project in a Wuhan lab 
  • Gain of Function research, which was temporarily outlawed in the US, involves altering naturally-occurring viruses to make them more infectious in order to study their potential effects on humans 
  • According to the paper, Chinese scientists took a natural coronavirus ‘backbone’ found in Chinese cave bats and spliced onto it a new ‘spike’, turning it into the deadly and highly transmissible COVID-19
  • The researchers, who concluded that COVID-19 ‘has no credible natural ancestor’, also believe scientists reverse-engineered versions of the virus to cover up their tracks
  • ‘We think that there have been retro-engineered viruses created,’ Dalgleish told ‘They’ve changed the virus, then tried to make out it was in a sequence years ago.’
  • The study also points to ‘deliberate destruction, concealment or contamination of data’ in Chinese labs and notes that ‘scientists who wished to share their findings haven’t been able to do so or have disappeared’ 
  • Until recently, most experts had staunchly denied the origins of the virus were anything other than a natural infection leaping from animals to humans
  • Earlier this week, Dr. Anthony Fauci defended US funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, saying the $600,000 grant was not approved for Gain of Function research Click Here to Read the Article!


They have violated all 10. If you are seeing this and have been a part of this, EVEN SOMEONE STANDING AT A DOOR TO A FACILITY ENFORCING THE REQUIREMENT A MASK FOR ENTRY ETC. you are guilty. If I have it my way you will hang. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what our relationship might be. If you are guilty, I will seek the death penalty for you. As far as I am concerned there is no reason or excuse that will save you. You need to die like so many before you. In my mind it is that simple. I will show you NO MERCY. Don’t tell me you were “just doing your job”. Don’t tell me you were “just following orders”. I don’t care if you were ignorant, stupid, lied to, fooled, brainwashed have shit for brains or whatever else you say. If you are guilty, You need to hang.
Source: Greg Reese.

Click here to watch video!

David Cheyne on how our Canadian politicians are violating the Nuremburg Codes.

WealthyMindMastery Published July 13, 2021

Please join Awake Canada and access the Nuremburg Codes Here!

Updates on the COVID “vaccines” watch video:

Dr. McCullough: “Something is VERY WRONG with what’s going on in the world…”

WealthyMindMastery Published July 12, 2021

This is number 2 of 5 video with Doctor McCullough explaining why he stopped giving his patients the COVID experimental jab:

Church Says Refusal to Vaxx Will End You Up in Hell, and You MUST REPENT NOW!

Stew Peters Show Published July 6, 2021

Even some churches are part of the conspiracy… time to change church for all of those members!

An Urgent Message from Professor Sucharit Bhakdi

OracleFilms Published July 8, 2021

I have yet to hear anything good about this covid experimental injection…

“…they (Fallen Angels) are with us today in positions of power in Church and State… that determine the actual fate of mankind by population control and genetic engineering, the control of energy and commodities, education and the media, and by ideological and psychopolitical strategies of divide and conquer on all fronts.”

Fallen Angels Among Us, What You Need to Know by Elizabeth Clare Prophet – see trailer below:

They are destroying humanity! One of the ideas pushed by Gates was depopulation, and guess what this so called COVID “vaccines” does to both men and women’s reproduction system… See following few shares:

Doctor Simone Gold on the effect of COVID vaccines on pregnant women

WealthyMindMastery Published July 13, 2021


REQUIRED VIEWING! Dr. Sherri Tenpenny gives VERY important information!

She talks about instances of hyper-immune response in test animals during previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines, like SARS and MERS, which has been a persistent problem.

All seems well for awhile, until the animals are exposed to the wild mutated virus. To her, it’s clear that the same will happen with humans.

Dr. Tenpenny and other scientists predict that millions may die from the vaccine but it will be blamed on a new strain of COVID – to make an argument for even MORE deadly vaccines. Click here for more!

Berlin Care Home Vaccine Deaths, Whistleblower report

⚠️Please spread widely!⚠️

[Forwarded from Reiner Fuellmich ??/??/??]

In Feb. 2021, two lawyers from the German Corona Committee interviewed a staff member whistleblower from a care home in Berlin and received video footage to include in their reporting.

Of the 31 out of 36 elderly patients in the home who received the Prizer/BioNTech gene therapy product (referred to as a vaccine) in late December 2020, 7 died shortly after the first shot and an 8th person who was previously fit and healthy but became seriously ill after vaccination finally died in Feb.

Of the 21 patients receiving the second vaccination 11 are suffering serious debilitating side effects. This matter has been referred to the Berlin police for investigation of possible death resulting from medical malpractice.

Lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, go to Telegram channel here: @ReinerFuellmichEnglish

This way to the video with English subtitles

It’s not a pandemic, it’s a PCR Test Plandemic – Crimes against humanity

WealthyMindMastery Published July 13, 2021

Related to above video:

Canadian Doctor from Guelph, Ontario on IMMEDIATELY STOPPING THESE VACCINES!

Join the fight:

I look forward to all of it to come out into the open so we can start healing, and undoing the damages of the covid experimental injection, and psychological damages. In the meantime, please stop watching the MSM, and stay away from the covid jab, and keep your distance from those who have received it until you have leaned how to take care of yourself to avoid being infected with the protein spike, or at least heal your body from it. Go back in previous posts for explanation to all of that. The following is one of a series of videos…

The following video will show you proofs of what is going on in Military Tribunals, many people in high places are being arrested, trialed, and got or will be getting their punishments. Most people have no idea we are at war, I’ve been saying this for over a year now, but people are still oblivious that they are actually following the instructions of the enemies.

LAW OF WAR: THE STORM (Series 3) MILITARY TRIBUNALS (28 proofs, new + remade) – new findings

MAJIC EYES QNLY Published June 22, 2021 

Here is a sample of documents you can download to support the above video: Click Here for Fauci’s email proving he was lying! The work has been done for you, all you need to do is access the information, on various subject, people, and groups, and take time to educate yourself. You can start by watching this video, this will download to your computer, or watch on their website, it’s time to wake-up. You didn’t come to earth to work and barely make a living, or to be sick and die, or to party, take your life here on earth seriously – yes it’s time to be serious. It’s time to take control of the reins of your own life.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative Party voted to extend Emergency Orders until December, which were first passed last year through Bill 195. This allows Ford’s government to extend lockdowns and put in place public health orders without the approval of the Ontario Provincial Parliament. Click here for more!

They will pay for their crimes against humanity!

As of January 11, 2021 court case CV-21-00085478-00CP was brought forward to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice by a group of Canadians against The Vatican, The Jesuits, The Order of The Garter, The House of Windsor, GAVI, The WHO, The Gates Foundation, Justin Trudeau, Theresa Tam, Doug Ford, Attorney General of Ontario, Attorney General of Canada, et al. which surfaced online around May 2, 2021. The case challenges all the regulations surrounding the hoax plandemic, crimes against humanity, genocide, and seeks $1,000,000 in damages for each class member.

Click Here to Read More!

ALERT: Doctor says mRNA vaccines “will kill most people” through heart failure, 62% of vaccinated people already show microscopic blood clots

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The vast majority of people who are getting injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) will die within a few short years from heart failure, warns Dr. Charles Hoffe, M.D., a medical practitioner in British Columbia, Canada.

Click Here to Read More!

Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History
The startling truth behind the planned world takeover

Download free ebook Here!

As of July 17, 2021:

COVID-19: CANADA RESPONDS – MP Derek Sloan Raises Concerns Over Censorship of Doctors and Scientists

Independent MP Derek Sloan holds a news conference on Parliament Hill to raise concerns about the censorship of doctors and scientists as well as medical information related to vaccines. The Ontario MP has been highly critical of lockdowns that have been in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and also sponsored a petition questioning the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. He is joined by a trio of doctors and scientists. (June 17, 2021)

Click Here to Watch the Video!

BREAKING DISCOVERY! What COVID Injections Do To Your BLOOD! Doctor Releases Horrific Findings!

Stew Peters Show Published July 15, 2021

How many thought about life insurance before playing Russian Roulette with an experimental injection?

What happened with the main stream media?

STUNNING: Watch How Media Covered Swine Flu Vaccine After 4,000 Reported Adverse Events in 1976 – Then Compare to COVID Vaccine Coverage after 463,000 Adverse Events

By Jim Hoft
Published July 17, 2021 

...continue reading the article by clicking here!

After reading all of the above, and watching the videos, you might not be fully surprised by the content of the following video. There is a lot more than what the title reveals… In Canada, the executions will be made public, so we are told.

  • Tribunal Convicts Barr
  • Gates sentenced and executed
  • Fauci arrested
  • Medical experiments camps
  • Event 201 in Fall of 2019
  • Pandemic was planned just like many of us have been telling you for over a year
  • Crimes against humanity
  • 2nd half of the video concerns what is going on in the school systems

180+ Cities around the World. One Day – Everyone Together.


Please be there if at all possible, check the links for a place near you. There are at least three in Ontario, Canada – Toronto, London, and North Bay:

For more information visit:


You will find the official channel for the World Wide Demonstration here:


I was going to share a few website with a list of things you can do to help yourself if you received the jab, or got infected by being in proximity to someone who did, but I need to do more research on that subject first. I want to do my best to only share those who did their homework. Here is one video of an interview with Dr. Mikovits who is a scientist censored even before this covid scam started, she has very important and encouraging information…

CURING COVID! Dr. Judy Mikovits Talks ‘Shedding’, Jab Recovery and DEFEATING the ‘Virus’

Stew Peters Show Published July 14, 2021

“I want to talk about our common responsibilities in the face of a common danger.
The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.
Our way of life is under attack.
The survival of our friends is in danger.
It requires a change in outlook, a change in tactics, a change in missions–by the government, by the people, by every businessman or labor leader, and by every newspaper.
For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence– on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.
It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.”
– President John F Kennedy (35th President)

Pray for ALL Freedom Loving People around the world! The tyranny going on in America, and around the world has got to stop. You need to take this seriously, our Freedom depends on us regaining control of our countries, and of our lives. Keep the faith! Remember, The Light of God never fails. Focus on what you want America, and the rest of the world to look like, how will the people live? Focus on how FREE everyone already is, as if we are already there – this is very important. Do what needs to be done to gain your freedom; remember, God helps those who help themselves. Then, let go and let God, and remember, positive changes rarely comes from the top, it comes from the bottom-up.

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In Peace, Love, and Light,



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