What if most of what you were taught in school was a lie, and is that the key to your freedom?

If you’ve been paying attention and read my previous posts, you already know about this, but, even so, there is much more to learn.

Interestingly, the date July 4, 1776, which Americans believe is the day of Independence and freedom from slavery is apparently the opposite: the day the colonies fell legally into debt via the one year and one day and 3-day rescission, 3-day notice rules of banking–3 days after July 1, and one year after 1775–when Benjamin Franklin as first US Postmaster-General borrowed 1.6 million francs from the French, kicking off the first US bankruptcy. (:Russell-Jay: Gould, :War-Castles, 2)

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If you didn’t watch this video yet, which I shared in another post already, please watch it now, you will understand the above, and the following much better.

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Let’s start by going back to basics. I’m probably one of the worst people to write about learning proper grammar as I can’t spell to save my life, yet, I found this video very interesting and will be looking into this much closer. I’m not talking about the grammar we were taught in school, that was fraud!

After watching this video, you will understand why it has been so difficult to get ahead in your finances. You will also realize why using the right grammar is crucial to your freedom and success. Why is grammar so important. This video will give you an introduction of the SECRETS-OF-LANGUAGE. By using wrong grammar, on purpose, they were setting us up to fail, it was created to DECEIVE-INTO-CONSENT. The reasons why it’s done is an eye opener. A must watch video! Once you learn this you can then start taking back your life.


The following video explains much further. Things will start making a lot more sense. From simple contracts, mortgages, fines, and much, much more, you can turn things in your favour in only a few words. He explains why schools no longer teach cursive writing, and much, much more.

More on the end of the bankruptcy which now affects the USA and Canada.

END OF THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE SYSTEM IN AMERICA WITH THE END OF THE BANKRUPTCY IN 1999: :Russell-Jay: Gould has stated in various interviews that the end of the bankruptcy in 1999 heralds the end of the system of usury whereby people are used as collateral via birth certificates which are monetized and securitized and traded on the stock market, making money for the shadowy Federal Reserve bankers who have defrauded the nation since the time of inception of the Federal Reserve in 1913, and who, along with the UN, IMF, World Bank, and international bankers were given carte blanche to do so since 1933 with the creation of the third US bankruptcy, but it appears that this fraudulent and flagrantly-deceiving birth certificate system is actually continuing. The way out is to claim oneself as alive, with a live-life-claim—briefly covered in this article, “New Global Quantum Banking…”.

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This may be our key to getting back our lives.
Hillary Clinton used this to stave off jail and to be chosen to work with Obama. She is an expert at this system. Is this what was coming when Trump talked about the biggest tax cut ever?

This is concerning the US’s bankruptcy which ended in August 1999, it also includes Canada (April 2017), and the world banking system. As I mentioned already, if you read my past posts you already know about this, but there is a lot more to learn. The public needs to know. I’m just learning the system now, there is much to tell.

For the Love of the Grammar: QUANTUM-MEDIA-NEWS-NARRATIVES.

How the CCP is taking control, is another very important subject which you need to pay attention to:

It’s high time for people to take their heads out of the sand, because we need more people to stand up to the CCP and take back our rights. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ve been sleeping for too long, and you need to read my previous posts. This is no time to let others take care of things for you, you need to do your part even if all you do is pray because we need a lot of prayers NOW.

If you have been following alternative news, you’ve heard of the FISA Abuse. This timeline by Epoch Times is an amazing representation of the whole story. The poster is available through their website, click on the image to bring you there.

I’ve been sharing information on how the CCP controls America, and other areas of the world, including Canada. For a detailed timeline, please check out the following article on how the CCP seeks to control America (and other counties), it will help you really see what has been going on. There’s no time to waste. Click on the image below.

To keep up-to-date on the COVID hoax:

Click on this link and watch the videos

Find out what you can do to help yourself and your loved ones

Pray for America

Pray for ALL Freedom Loving People around the world! The tyranny going on in America, and around the world has got to stop. You need to take this seriously, our Freedom depends on us regaining control of our countries, and of our lives. Keep the faith! Remember, The Light of God never fails. Focus on what you want America, and the rest of the world to look like, how will the people live? Focus of how FREE everyone already is, as if we are already there – this is very important.

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