The Great Awakening, from Living Dannion Brinkley’s Saved by the Light predictions, to aliens living among us and all the cover-ups involved – Part 1

In 1999, while attending a conference at Summit Lighthouse in Montana, USA, I had the honour of attending a talk by Dannion Brinkley. At the time he was known as one of the best speakers in the world. He could have you crying one minute and laughing the next. His life was so inspiring that I signed up to be part of his group of volunteers. Unfortunately, I gave him my business email which I lost when I gave up my website. In the following years, I often thought of him and the work he did and wished I could have been a part of it. I was new to the Internet then, it never occurred to me to use it to find him and sign up again. Not that I had the right energy for it in the following years after meeting him. It took me seven years to recuperate from a car accident, among other time consuming and negative events happening in my life at the time. Those were my transforming years.

Twenty-one years later, Summer 2020, I happen to stumble on a video where he was one of the presenters and I was drawn to him once again. As I watched and listen to him speak I recalled how we had met, and the circumstances of my life then.

Dannion was sitting behind a table autographing his books, at the time, his latest was “At Peace In The Light”. As I stood in line with a man I had recently married and who was as exited about meeting Dannion as I was, maybe even more, I was surprised by Dannion as he said: “what a beautiful woman” I wasn’t sure if he was talking about me. I had noticed him scanning my energy just before we locked eyes. He got up from his chair behind the table and came to me and said something about having to give me a hug as he approached me with his opened arms. I could see my partner in the corner of my eye, and heard him as he agreed with Dannion, neither one of us replied. I knew Dannion had meant my Spirit was beautiful, not my physical body. I was very much into metaphysics then, doing Decrees for at least one hour per day, and it was only recently that I could no longer find the time for two hours per day, and to meditate three times per day. During these meditations, I had out of body experiences, and throughout the days, I noticed my ESP develop more and more.

Later on during the conference, Dannion was again there at the table this time with no one in line as my partner insisted on going back to see him. The experience was much different this time. Throughout the conference, my partner and I had not been getting along. He was harsh, demeaning, and controlling, and although I tried to get away from him, he kept finding me. I just wanted to be there in the Light without his negative energy.

I knew his abuse had been affecting me greatly, I felt it in my four lower bodies. When we approached Dannion, I saw him scan my energy again, this time when we locked eye contact I knew he was reading my emotions I didn’t need to go any further, I felt he was aware of what was going on between my husband and I. Sometimes I wondered if that was the real reason why I had not heard from him, even before cancelling my website. Did he know we were not yet ready to be working with him?

It’s only in the last few years that I started my practice again, I’ve been missing those years were I took time for my spiritual development. I had been missing the Energy. Life had become too complicated, it was time to get back to what matters.

I had a video to share in this space, but it was taken down from YouTube. I am leaving the information on it as there really was only one thing I wanted to show you from it, which I write about in the next paragraph.

In the following video David Wilcock talks about Beings walking among us and coming and going in a beam of light. I heard that same description, recently, in another video taking about aliens or extra terrestrial beings, coming to work in government facilities to help with new technologies. They were described as beings coming as a light beam, and leaving the same way at the end of the day. Now I’m not a Bible woman, but I do know somewhere in the Bible it says that Angels walk among us, and somewhere it talks about: you never know if you may be entertaining an Angel. In my Spiritual organization, The Temple of The Presence, we are taught that the Ascended Masters do come and walk on earth, and appear to be human when they interact with us. Therefore, take this information as your heart tells you:

In another video this same man, David Wilcock, talks with Dannion Brinkley who explains how we need to treat people with love and kindness, we do reap what we sow. I didn’t watch every video he appears in, but that is a regular statement by Dannion.

A movie of Dannion Brinkley’s first experiences was created, although it doesn’t do justice to his book and actual life story, you can watch it here; click below:

To read about the visions Dannion was shown during his first death experience you can buy his book Saved By The Light first published in 1994, or you can read them here. He has written a few books since then.

Dannion release what is going on today as one of his vision written in 1975, after he experience death for 28 minutes and came back; he published these in his book in 1994. In the video, they talk about

  • aliens
  • fake government
  • confirm fake news
  • what caused the Soviet Wall to come down, referring to one of his visions
  • current events, also relating to some of his visions, the fall of humanity as we know it and the fact that it was going to come in way of the health system, which we are clearly living.

I’ve known about aliens walking among us since one of the conferences I went to at Summit Lighthouse, Elizabeth Clair-Prophet had briefed us about them. She had also told us there were clones walking among us and that these had no soul, and for us to have nothing to do with them. They were not here to help us, she told us.

In one of the green books series by Saint Germain Press, I believe it is in Unveiled Mysteries by Godfre Ray King, they explain how there are caves hidden on earth which were created by the Ascended Master. Those who have been discovered are assumed to have been created by Aliens, maybe some were, but others were not. The Ascended Masters don’t need special equipment to build things, they can do so with their minds.

The video continues with the following subjects:

  • The new world order and the shadow government confirmed by Dannion who was in the military with a high clearance.
  • The leader of the free world is not the obvious person which you would think, it is not the President. We saw that during the 2020 US fake elections.
  • Energy Medicine, which was a huge subject in my metaphysical store, Mystic, more then two decades ago where I also carried Dannion’s book.
  • Anti-gravity hidden knowledge and why they have been keeping these a secret. You can watch many documentary on that subject, I’ve seen many through Prime video but I’m sure you can only find them online.
  • The financial banking system, which I have written about in previous posts, which would have been released already had the Deep State been cleaned up as Trump had wanted to do.
  • We have purposefully been distracted so we will never find out the truth and so it continues.
Secret History of the United States Conspiracies, Cobwebs and Lies

The history of the United States is full of mysterious facts that are not taught in school, and most people don’t know the untold stories surrounding many historical events. The book details conspiracy theories throughout our history, from the discovery of the continent to the founding of the nation to our modern day. The events covered in the book range from the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War II, the Cold War, the assassinations of the 1960s, the Iraq war and the events leading up to 9-11.

If you only knew even the little bit that is out there for you to read, listen too, even watch videos, you would completely change your life immediately. You would demand for the rest of the information to be released. This is my biggest reason for starting this Blog, to expose the lies and inform on the truths. But instead, most people prefer to put people like me down and label us as conspiracy theorists, which of course has been invented and pushed by the same people who don’t want you to learn the truth. Slowly but surely, the truth will continue to come out but we will have missed out on a lot of years of freedom.

Were do you draw the line?


And the video continue with the following…

The vaccine, which by the way is technically not a vaccine by legal definition, with the registration number 60606 by Gates, also part of this 1995 visions.

The playbook of 1968, which I have been seeing a lot of references to in the past year. See video at 1:10:20

If you’re knew at all of the, you might be wondering what everyone is talking about with this “direct from the 1968 playbook”, just watch the following movie:

When Dannion talks about how long he was on the other side of the veil, while he was dead, he says there is no way of measuring time there. The same thing was said by an alien in an interview which I will share at the end of the part 3 of this post.

They go on explaining why we’ve been exposed to the evil plans yet most people brush it off as fiction. He explains why they let us know ahead of time what evil they have in plan for us. This is certainly something we’ve seen a lot for over a year now, in great numbers; this is why we must speak out and stop their plans.

How do you explain that, before they ever announced this plandemic, they showed us the new 2020 US coin, which consists of a picture of bats, first announced on January 12, 2020?

The two men go on talking about how we have been brainwashed, manipulated, and hypnotized in order to control us where this so called virus is concerned, including around the elections. I have shared many videos in past posts on this subject:

  • How did they know Kobe was going to die in an helicopter crash years before it happened? It was shown specifically in the Chamberlain Heights TV Show as if they knew in advanced about this ‘accident’.
  • At approximately 1:22:49 in the video, they show us Billie Eilish wearing a black mask, as part of her outfit. Now that was before anyone started wearing these, it was January 27, 2020 during the Grammy Awards. That’s how we are played. That’s how they implant ideas in our mind. I know this is her “normal” way of dressing, that doesn’t change the fact that this idea has been implanted in the minds of the masses for many years. They continue showing other photos, of the evil bat with cities on fire, and other disturbing photos which I won’t share here, there is no point in focusing on that energy. (I suggest 14 years old plus for that part) David does an excellent job at pointing out many ways where the public was hypnotized into compliance. As an NLP practitioner, and a certified hypnotherapist, I fully concur with his explanations. When you are able to look back and compare with what has been going on, it is easier to see where the thoughts were implanted. Anyone who has watched the Grammy Awards in January 2020, has been exposed to this hypnosis, and the same goes for the 2012 Olympic games opening ceremony, and much more. I never seen either one of these, and I have no interest in doing so. I’ve known for many years now, how Hollywood, magazines, and other medias manipulate the public, but it is much worse than I had ever imagined. Seeing it and looking back on it, those who did watch one or more of these, it is obvious the coordination it took to pull this off. If only people knew what’s really going on…
  • Even the Rolling Stones Magazine had predictions including a black man with someone’s knee on his neck, and much, much more including the shutdowns. Seeing this, if I didn’t already know this whole thing had been planned, I’ve seen and shared other evidence from elsewhere on past posts, but this information alone would have made me see it clearly.

The video is very long, over 4 hours, but it is important that you know how we are being programmed so you can avoid falling for the traps. The hypnotic programming has been going on for many decades. Although the unnecessary disturbing pictures are shown, (you can skip ahead) I suggest you watch the video as it is extremely important that you are aware of the hypnotic programming that goes on in the media. Hollywood has been exposed multiple times, but most don’t want to see it. If you are someone who watches TV, and movies, you have been conditioned to accept what’s going on and into believing the narrative. If only people knew!

I thank my younger self of three decades or so ago for turning off the radio and canceling my cable. Although I caved-in and got a dish at a later time for a while, and again cable after moving again, I’m glad I canceled all of that again and I never seen any of these images presented in this video, therefore could not be programmed. Now I am working at helping de-program those who fell for it.

At 1:01:50 they talk about his vision concerning the medical chips and plans around it. You do know they started using these chips in pets decades ago, there is much more to it now for people. That was part of the visions he had in 1975 while he was dead. Remember, these our visions he was shown of what was to come if we didn’t change our ways, and clearly we didn’t.

At 1:50 in the video Dannion explains how he was perceiving the visions. I never died as he did, but I did have visions of close future events on a personal scale and it really was as he describes, even for me who was merely in meditation, and even in dream forms. He also discloses, again that what we have been living for over a year now, was part of his vision which was focused on health care. He talks about the vision which described chipping, which has been one of the subjects discussed in my surroundings.

At around 2:06, he talks about his vision concerning mass migrations, and a few other news stories of our time, again, remember he received these visions in 1975.

One of his suggestions for helping ourselves, is to ground ourselves. Be informed so you will make right decisions. Then, they start showing us Q drops, from the very first drop ever, showing you that, not only is Q part of the military, (at 3:00 in video with Q drop 3581) but also that they were working with Trump in order to clean the swamp as Q always put it.

Anyone still on Facebook, Twitter, and other major controlling social media, this message is for you:

Q post # 17

Now the following part is something many of us would probably want to have, but would do us more harm than good, that is to have access to a looking glass, or better said a tool to look into the future. For the same reason going to a tarot card reader would prevent you from learning lessons you needed to learn from experience, knowing ahead of time what the future has in stall for you would cause you to not have the experiences you needed to go through. In the video at 2:54:34 the guys talk about how did the military know all these things were supposed to happen? Very interesting equipment has been kept from us, worse yet, they have been used to take advantage of us.

The Cosmic Mirror, which keys into the etheric body and reflects past lives.

Photo copyright Summit Publications, Inc

Click Here to Read More

Q post # 3585 from my saved files, that site has been taken down:

Dannion’s Truth and messages starting around 3:40 in the video

Watch the full video Here:

To Be Continued Next Week…

Related information:

When I see stories like the following, I can’t help but to wonder: “what do they have on her, or how much is she getting paid to sell us out?” As an NLP practitioner, when I read her announcements sent to my mailbox, I see a whole lot of manipulative wordings. For the record, no Patty Hajdu, we are NOT all in this together. There are the controllers at the top getting richer, and richer, and then there is us losing our livelihood, our health, and freedom over a flu scare.

Health Minister Patty Hajdu arrives at a COVID-19 press conference in Ottawa, Canada, on Dec. 11, 2020. (David Kawai/The Canadian Press)
Canada Open to the Idea of Vaccine Passports: Health Minister

Click on each of these images to read more! These can all be printed out or saved in pdf for a later read, but don’t tarry, all of this information is vital to your freedom.

On my Blog, I share with you many keys to help all of us, I hope you will find what resonates with you and that you follow through. In case you haven’t read it yet, please go back to my post:

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Continues next week… Part 2

Pray for America

Pray for ALL Freedom Loving People around the world! The tyranny going on in America, and around the world has got to stop. You need to take this seriously, our Freedom depends on us regaining control of our countries, and of our lives. Keep the faith! Remember, The Light of God never fails. Focus on what you want America, and the rest of the world to look like, how will the people live? Focus of how FREE everyone already is, as if we are already there – this is very important. Do what needs to be done to gain your freedom; remember, God helps those who help themselves. Then, let go and let God.

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