What are you doing today to stand against tyranny, oppression, and communism? – Part 2

In this post, you will find many people standing up for their rights, and other people’s rights. I hope you will support their efforts, and if you can join their cause that would be fantastic. All of us have a role to play in this movie, you need to decide for yourself what your part is.

If you didn’t watch the following series yet, from The Epoch Times, please do so now. It’s one of the best ways to start understanding the world around you today: The 36 Strategies to Destroy Mankind

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They wouldn’t admit it publicly, but they have no problem laughing at you for believing the narrative.

CDC inflated COVID numbers accused of violating federal law

CDC illegally inflated the COVID fatality number by at least 1,600 percent as the 2020 presidential election played out, according to a study published by the Public Health Initiative of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge. The study, “COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective,” was authored by Henry Ealy, Michael McEvoy, Daniel Chong, John Nowicki , Monica Sava, Sandeep Gupta, David White, James Jordan , Daniel Simon, and Paul Anderson. Click Here to Read More

More on the false COVID narrative

Remember the “I was only following orders” line from the WWII? It’s still going on today.

Dr Judy Mikovitz – Important Information on Covid Vaccines

Important video, information for anyone thinking of taking the deadly COVID “vaccine” – send to everyone you know is thinking of accepting this.

Click Here to View

A review of the 2020 USA Election

How DJT Lost the White House, Chapter 1: All the President’s Teams (11/3 – 12/23)

Click images to read and watch videos:

Defending the Republic new website

“Please know we will continue to fight for #WeThePeople who make this country work, who love God, family, freedom, and all who believe in the good that makes America exceptional.”

Click Here to access

In defense of Q and anons

For the record. I am part of a Qanon group and I guarantee we are good law abiding citizens from all over the world. We encourage each other to pray to God daily in each of our own beliefs, and we share information around the USA election fraud, about the crimes against women and children, and much more as I share in my posts. See Human Trafficking Around the World. That does not make us criminals in any way. We expose the truth! You can now imagine why these groups are controversial.

Those who speak against us are either repeating lies from the propaganda they hear from the same people committing these crimes, or from these criminal themselves and their enablers.

It doesn’t mean that some members of some groups don’t post questionable information, we are all humans. And since the owners of the groups have no way of knowing all the people who join their groups there are trolls and spies installed among us, there to purposefully discredit the movement.

Remember how the Jews were persecuted during WWII, they were said to be an inferior race that needed to be eliminated. So before you judge any group, be sure to look at where you’re getting your information from. Everyone is deceived now and then. Some make it a point to purposely create falsehood, and those people will always exist. You need to decide for yourself what makes sense and what doesn’t. Just look around you, and compare it to what you’re reading in the newspapers, or watching on the news.

Remember you are always in control of your own thoughts and feelings. You decide every second of every day, how you’re doing to feel, and what you’re going to believe, and what you’re going to do about it. You need to make the decision to be FREE.

“But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”

Revelations 21:8 King James’ Version

Jordan Sather on the Mystery of QAnon

The liar, only cares about his own gains

“…He helped her redo her Will, dictating what to put on it. Things he wanted were itemized very specifically and in details, (the dining room set which includes the table, this many chairs, and the buffet…) while what was left to his siblings was written vague and general. When she died, he tried to manipulate me to turn on the rest of our siblings and help him steal the money and shares, and items which he was claiming as all his. When I refused, he turned the rest of the siblings against me. He, being such a good liar and manipulator, knew that wasn’t going to be difficult to do as that family never did see me as having any worth. He convinced them that it was me who was involved in creating the Will, I never knew the details of it, and blamed me for all the things he had done. The rest of them, never having been involved in caring for their mother, never knew the full story, never knew what happened, never knew their mother’s wishes…”

An excerpt from my life story Marjo Potec

That is the kind of people we are dealing with around the 2020 US elections and around COVID-19 and other issues which I wrote about and shared on my Blog. They are liars, hypocrites, manipulators, typical narcissists, abusers, and people who couldn’t care less about you, me, or anyone else.

So before you believe everything you hear in the main stream media, ask yourself questions. Stop letting them brainwash you with their lies.

Remember my story.

“They kicked me off the Will, he manipulated the siblings to believe that what he did, I had done. They were stupid enough to believe him, without ever asking me if any of it was true. I was judged, and convicted without being told exactly what I was being accused of. I was never given a chance to defend myself.” Marjo Potec

Doesn’t that sound familiar in 2020 – 2021?

Just like the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) which are doing everything to enslave all populations of all nations, and it’s way past the time to stop them. Those who are still not believing in what’s going on, and who are still listening to the main stream media are the ones who will fall hardest. They will be dealing with all the trouble they caused, every step of the way, to the ones fighting for all the people’s rights including the ones who are against them.

Had I not dealt with this kind of abuse myself, I might not have understood. I experienced it, and I’ve witnessed other people experience it. I know it’s difficult to imagine all that is going on in the world right now, all the abuse and the lies, and manipulation going on is intertwined. That’s why so many of us are dedicated to telling the truth, to show you the truth. It’s time to wake up and bend the knee to God. It’s time to stand for the truth.

If someone can manipulate his own siblings to go against their own sister, that kind of people have no remorse. They are greedy, they have no shame, and they can’t be trusted. I will not waste a second on them. I will not put my energy on people who are fighting me every step of the way. I will not attempt to save people who are drowning in their own stupidity when I know very well they would take me down with them. That is why I have no problem cutting myself free of relationships with people like that. I will not feel sorry for people who want to take me down. They are liars, manipulators, they don’t even believe in God, and laugh at me for believing. And that’s what the communist party is all about.

Meanwhile, in Canada…

The people of British Columbia have spoken and demand to be heard

In its response to the COVID-19 virus, the government has invoked extraordinary executive powers predicated on unsubstantiated scientific and legal grounds with catastrophic consequences for British Columbians. In doing so, the defendants have overreached their authority under the ​ Emergency Program Act, ​the ​Public Health Act, and have ​infringed on ​Charter r​ights in a manner that does not accord with the principles of fundamental justice. This is a class action brought on behalf of the Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science in Public Policy against Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the Province of British Columbia and Dr. Bonnie Henry in her capacity as Provincial Health Officer for the Province of British Columbia. Please direct all inquiries to info@covidconstitutionalchallengebc.ca. All CSASPP staff are unpaid volunteers working pro bono. Consider donating, anonymously if you like, here: https://gofund.me/6e4c7eea

Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd


Chief Justice Sue Holland files criminal charges against Justin Trudeau

Now pray that they will be heard and served as they are our God given rights, and let that then spread throughout Canada and the rest of the world.

Kevin J. Johnston is one of a few journalist helping


Click Here to Read and Watch Video also watch his video below:

Make your voice heard

Click Here

Randy Hillier Requests Expedited Federal Investigation Into Scientific Fraud in Public Health Policies

Click Here to Read

The Threats some are facing for telling the truth is real

Trudeau’s’ Chinese backed crackdown on Free Speech is totally against what Canada stands for; meanwhile he’s brought into Canada the Chinese military the PLA to be trained on Canadians soil for winter maneuvers, all done in total secrecy at Petawawas’ Army Base north of Ottawa.  

Click Here to Read and watch two videos

The CCP Agenda, continues

Like the hypocrites they are, the CCP use narcissistic ways to manipulate the minds of our children starting as young as possible. I remember my mother telling me how her priest was bragging on how they can manipulate us to believe in their religion for life: “give me your child for the first seven years of their lives, and we will own them for life.” She was proud to relay that information to me because she wanted all of us to remain in the Catholic Church. I was shocked when she told me that. I saw it as a planned manipulation. They were knowingly using their brainwashing techniques against the people. Now, read the following happening right now in our schools to push the CCP’s agenda:

Iowa School District Plans Black Lives Matter “Week of Action” For Preschoolers thru Grade 12

Caleb Parke Jan 27, 2021

Children in Iowa’s Ames Community School District, from preschool through high school, are going to be part of a Black Lives Matter “week of action” beginning February 1st.

According to the public school district’s website, students from preschool through high school “will engage in … a 5-day guide to expand student understanding of the Black Lives Matter at School Principles,” including “queer affirming,” “transgender affirming,” “globalism,” and “disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics.” Click Here to Read More!

In case you are not up to speed with the agenda; the two children’s books referred to, in the above article, are both pushing transgender and such agendas as normal and shaming those who are against it. This is a CCP agenda.


On COVID-19 vaccines damages and much, much more

Rudyard Kipling’s poem IF, recitated by Sir Michael Caine.

On a more uplifting note…

In case you missed the update

February 6, 2021 General Flynn answers a few questions we’re all been waiting to hear, including: “did Trump sign the insurrection act?”

Pray for America

Pray for ALL Freedom Loving People around the world! All that is going on in America is affecting all countries around the world. You need to take this seriously, our Freedom depends on us regaining control of our countries, and of our lives. Keep the faith! Remember, The Light of God never fails. Focus on what you want America, and the rest of the world to look like, how will the people live? Focus of how FREE everyone already is as if we are already there – this is very important.

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