The Parallel Life We Live In

The Dictatorship

I used to be proud to say I am Canadian, not so much this year. The dictatorship going on is out of control and people who know we are being lied to, and manipulated, had enough. When a man decide to defy the dictators he made the mistake of doing so by himself by announcing his restaurant would be open for inside dining, against the new ‘rules’. In my opinion, he should have gotten all the businesses around his area to open all at the same time. This tyranny can’t be fought by yourself.

People have been so brainwashed even preaching the Gospel will have you arrested, ask Pastor David Lynn when he was arrested for preaching the Gospel on a street corner in Toronto.

Not All Rules Apply to Everyone

California’s elected leaders have prohibited restauranteurs from operating outdoor dining services. While pandemic-inspired dictates have forced restaurants to close to indoor dining, outdoor dining was permitted.

Now, it isn’t, sort of. If you have a restaurant and you want to serve people food outdoors, that’s prohibited. But if you are running a movie studio and want to serve people food outdoors, that’s perfectly fine.


I know this man who, for medical reasons, can’t tolerate wearing a mask. Recently, he went to a store and while in line was verbally attacked by another customer because he wasn’t wearing a mask – see exemptions in Ontario 2 (4) k and (6). She came to him, to his face, to yell at him. From his description, to me, she sounded and acted like a mental case. But that wasn’t enough. When a couple came in after the confrontation, she dragged them into it. Because they had not witnessed her attack on the man, they took her side and called the police saying him he was the one intimidating her. That’s what brainwashed people do. They are fearful because of the disinformation by the media, by way of the ‘news’ on television, newspapers, and constant attention to the narrative in all public spaces by way of posters, constant voice reminders, and guards at the entrance doors. Little do people know how detrimental that is to the Body, Mind, and Soul. Little do people realize this is how a communist country is run.

Remember the ones who are most aggressive are always the ones to sound as if they are more in numbers, they are not. Also, know that mask are NOT mandatory in Ontario thanks to a lawsuit which I am proud to have contributed to, again – see exemptions in Ontario 2 (4) k and (6) It is against our human rights code to be forced to cover our mouth and nose, and according to the lawyer ahead of this case, no one can prohibit us from choosing our own fruits and vegetables – therefore it doesn’t matter if they have curb pick-up.

False Information

If only people opened their mind to the reality… The following is a chart, on the government’s website, showing all reported death from January 2014 to September 2020 – and that’s with all the false reports of COVID death when people died of something else yet was reported as having died of covid.

“I recently had an opportunity to speak to about 100 state legislators about COVID rationality, making the strongest case I could, and calling on them to be the voices of the voiceless (i.e., the victims of lockdown we’re supposed to pretend don’t exist).” Tom Woods

How To Control Others

This important video talks about how easy it is to control people’s behaviour. It needs to be shared with everyone you know. We have a lot of work to do to help people see the truth.

History Repeating

Think back in history. Why do you think history is important? It is a known fact that history is often repeated – why not? It worked for some then, it will work again now. Exchange the blankets full of virus vs the flu shot. Think of how the native people were treated and tricked in giving up their land. How is that working for them? Why are they using a fake pandemic to convince the mass to not only allow, but to welcome tracing everyone’s comings and goings.

  • Why were they having meetings in September 2000 about a plan for a budget for the COVID-19?
  • How could they have known that far ahead we were going to have a ‘pandemic’ starting in 2019? Even a extremely talented psychic couldn’t have predicted that.

More on that in another Blog.

Listen To The Science

There are many doctors of all practices, and many scientists and neurologists who are warning the public about this ‘pandemic’ and ‘virus’ and against the vaccine. Think clearly, use your common sense, pray for clarification and discernment, and for the truth to be revealed. Stop listening to the main stream media, they are brainwashing you by using lies and manipulations.

The Canadian Dictatorship

Brace yourself! The Canadian Dictators will prevent you from living a normal life if you do the smart thing and refuse this lethal vaccine.

What Happened to Two Weeks?

Had the dictators told us: “we’re shutting down all privately owned businesses indefinitely, only the big giants will be allowed to stay open”. No one would have agreed and they would have had a fight on their hands. After all, all privately owned businesses are licensed and following the laws. None of them did anything to be shut downed and made to go bankrupt – and there is no way the population can afford to provide for these stores to continue paying their employees as we have been doing since this whole sham started.

By doing it the way they did, “it’s only for two weeks”. Almost no one would say no to that, except those who already knew about the corruptions going on behind our backs.

  • Did you noticed, they didn’t wait for the two weeks to be over before they extended the lockdowns?
  • Did you keep track of how many times they extended the lockdowns?
  • Did you keep track of how many times we were threatened with it? In other words: “obey or else”.

Narcissistic abuse can create so much loss, pain and destruction in every part of your world – your health, your wealth, your sanity, your family, your career … everything.Melanie Tonia Evans

What will it take for the mass to open their eyes and realize we’ve been played? It reminds me of the year my mother passed away. I had to deal with the narcissist in the family and his supporters. He had planned a take over for many years without any of us suspecting. When it came time and I realized what he’d done there wasn’t much I could do about it. At least not in the state of mind I was in. I walked away from everything including three brothers that I will never have anything to do with ever again – kind of like the stores that I am boycotting now for treating me poorly during this fake pandemic.

Because I’ve gone through this, although on a much smaller scale, I’ve recognized early this year that what we are all experiencing right now is narcissist abuse on a very large scale. If you’ve read my posts, and watched the videos I’ve shared, you know this was planned for may years, even decades.

Remember to order your free No More Lockdowns Sign!

Update on the US Elections

The best places I found with actual facts are as follows. They all have their own way of presenting, I’m sure you will find what’s best for you:

Don’t Tread On Texas

The best news I’ve heard to far concerning the US elections. All my life I’ve believed that the American people would never take things laying down, that they would fight for their rights and freedom, that they would defend their country. Now I see it. Thank you Texas and all the other states who back them up! Now I’m beginning to understand the words: ‘Don’t tread on Texas’.

The American People Will Defend Their Country – Thank God!

If they wanted to reduce the population as they have often said, they just might get their wish – they better hide really well, because the American people are ready to fight for their rights and freedom. Watch this short but revealing video: We’re Not Gonna Take It

Just a note on the above video. I try not to share YouTube videos any more as they kept deleting people’s private video and even whole accounts just because they don’t agree with their thoughts – that censoring is why there are blank videos on my past posts. If you create videos, I strongly suggest you use Rumble for a safe and secure platform.

and more…

The Epoch Times and see their very important message Click Here

The best news I’ve heard of so far on the US elections. Now that’s what I expected from the American. I’ve been brought up being told how the American didn’t take things laying down, that they stood up for their rights, that they would defend themselves and their country no matter what. Now I see it. Thank you Texas and all those who joined them!

Those who still think Biden is the president-elect – you’ve been brainwashed. Those who are pushing that narrative are supporting China’s Communist Party. There are so many videos and paper trail of fraud I can’t believe it’s still not settled. Here is one with China interfering with the US election in a very big way.

Dan Bongino on Rumble

X22 Report on Rumble:

And We Know on Rumble:

Praying Medic

Judicial Watch:

“You might have recognized his (the President) concerns about dirty voting rolls because Judicial Watch in October reported that our September 2020 study revealed 353 U.S. counties with 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens. In other words, the registration rates of those counties exceeded 100% of eligible voters. The study found eight states showing statewide registration rates exceeding 100%: Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont. “

Pray for America

Pray for ALL Freedom Loving People around the world! All of this is affecting all countries around the world.

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