The Great Awakening, from Living Dannion Brinkley’s Saved by the Light predictions, to aliens living among us and all the cover-ups involved – Part 3

Continued from last week… Part 2

It’s always nice to see science catching up with the spiritual world.

I’ve seen a few experiments on how sound affects water, and how sound and thoughts affect plants. We are all connected. We create with our thoughts and feelings.

I’ve done, and received, remote healing so I know our thoughts and feelings make all the difference in the world. I’ve used Colloidal silver as medicine, it is made by electrically charging distilled water with silver. One of our Decree prayers (with The Temple of the Presence) is: “Step forth thou Lady of the Lake! Still the winds and calm the waters” in order to still the emotions of mankind. In Feng Shui we use water as a cure. Water, and oil, is also charged with energies in Churches by simply placing it next to an item of the masters, even their statues. That water and oil are sold as having healing properties. You can change the water by blessing it, or by using the sound of prayers in the form of Decrees. In macrobiotic, we are taught to charge our food by placing our hands under our plate and using visualization and prayers.

Some of the problems I saw with their experiments, in this video, is to think that the water wasn’t going to be affected by covering it with aluminum foil. That would have contaminated it.

Climbing the summit would affect a human’s aura without the water’s affect.

Another problem with their research, the thoughts and feelings of the researchers or scientists would affect the water, because they are right about some things, water retains memories, and it takes on the energies from it’s surroundings. But it can be cleansed.

The reason we are taught to charge our food before eating it, in macrobiotic, is because food holds all the energies it was exposed to, from seed to your plate.

When my friend passed away two years ago, I was responsible for clearing her apartment. She was a prepper, and had all kinds of survival tools and natural medicine, water filers. One of the tools she had was on her kitchen faucet which was supposed to recharge the water, as explained in the video. Not something I find useful or credible, when all you need to do is use your mind and Energy.

Earth is made of approximately 70% water, our human body is at least 75%, yet water can save or kill you.

Scientist claim that water is controlled by the moon. They also claim that because we are mostly made of water, that explains why more people are affected emotionally on a full moon.

A story my mother told me from when she worked at an asylum, is that there were more people agitated during a full moon than the rest of the month. They also had more people taken in during that time. She told me the story about a woman who came-in every time she had her menstruations, which is more in line with the moon than the sun.

I recently watched a documentary called “Alien Moon” where they explain craziness on the subject claiming the moon was placed there by aliens. And they call people like me a conspiracy theorist…

I found the documentary almost laughable to listen to, how scientists think and how much they disagree with each other when it comes to the moon, earth, and how they came about. They are also talking about crazy ideas on how we came to inhabit the earth. It was like watching a science fiction story, kind of like watching the news since over a year ago concerning a flu virus.

I also found it intriguing to hear how they are so high on themselves that they seem to prefer to think that aliens with much higher intelligence than us humans would have created, and moved the moon where it is than admitting that God actually put it there. If aliens were so much better than us they would no longer exist, they would all be ascended already, but they are not. They may be more technologically advanced than us, but that means nothing to the Spirit, or Soul.

What I found interesting is finally seeing the photographs, from the moon’s surface, that I had heard so much about but never got to see. These where kept secret from us by governments as if we were little children not allowed to see grownup stuff. Why is it that there is a small group of people controlling what we’re allowed to know? Why is all of this now becoming common knowledge? What are they expecting in the near future which they have no control over? Are they trying to save face?

Is the government or controllers actually seeing us as mature enough to start knowing stuff that’s been going on, and been known, for decades? Or are they forced to let us know by forces they can no longer control?

We know about their advanced holographic technology. See video at mark 13:56:

Click the image to watch the video

It’s difficult to believe much coming from any governments officials or controllers when you know they lie so much. When you learn about things like them lying about the first man on the moon, when you find out that it was faked in a studio, there’s not much more to believe from them. You can see much evidence of this when you watch this film if you pay attention to the missing stars from the sky, and pay attention to the shadows.

The moon may have a sinister alien origin that mankind is not prepared for. From astronaut UFO encounters, to flashing lights and geometric anomalies on the surface, it’s possible that the moon may actually be a base for ancient aliens. No, I don’t believe in their philosophy. I believe God put the moon there, and for good reasons. But in the documentary they are using clips from the original “first man on the moon”, and that’s what I want you to see. I watched it on Prime Video, but if you don’t have that access, it is available elsewhere.

Yes, they have been to the moon, but the first man on the moon was a scam. Ask yourself: “why can’t they repeat it after all the advancements they did since then?”

If you watched the videos I shared, you now know many of the UFO files have been declassified by President Trump before he left office. If you click on links I share within these articles, you will find a lot more information than you read on the surface.

Area 51: The Alien Interview (1997) documentary questioning it’s validity. Judge for yourself, then watch the one below!


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