About Marjo Potec Certified NLP Practitioner since 2000
Helping you Design and Achieve the life you Dream of!
Marjo has been in business for most of her adult life. At
first, she learned from her father, a business and family
man who, along with her mother, raised seven children. A
hard worker himself, he wouldn't accept anything less from

She then went on to marry, you guessed it, a
businessman. Together they owned and operated a series
of Arcades until shortly before he made her a widow with a
two-year-old child in 1984; she went on to raise her
daughter on her own.

She owned and operated a Home Child Care Service for four
years, while she also was owner and operator of IBN Home
Cleaning Services, since she established it in 1985, until

For four years, (1994 - 1998) she owned and operated
MYSTIC, a Metaphysical retail store promoting Health for
the Body, Mind, and Soul. There she was introduced to NLP
(Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and many other
opportunities from Public Speaking on a variety of
Metaphysical subjects, to an approved Hemi-Sync workshop
presenter, at the time, her debut as an instructor.

She has attended "Unleash The Power Within" live with
Tony Robbins, where she and her daughter have both
experienced the Fire Walk. She has also attended "Date
With Destiny" live with Tony Robbins, a Mastery University

Marjo has received training for "The Wealthy Mind
TM" with
Tim Hallbom and Kris Hallbom of the NLP and Coaching
Institute Inc. in 2006, and
NLP Trainer and Consultancy
Certification from NLP University with Robert Dilts, Judith
DeLozier, Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith and Michael Colgrass, in

She holds certificates in the following:

  • Macrobiotic Career Training, 1999
  • Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP),
    and Life Coaching 2000
  • Child Psychology Diploma, with Highest Honours, 2000
  • Counselling Skills Diploma, with Highest Honours, 2004
  • Managing Your Own Business, with Highest Honors,
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist 2016

Other certificates and diploma:

  • Ordained Metaphysical Minister, 1996
  • Metaphysical Practitioner Diploma, 1996
  • Pastoral Psychology, 1996
  • Spiritual Healing, 1997
  • Metaphysical Healing, 1997
  • Dream Interpretation, 1997
  • Feng Shui Practitioner "Form Style", 1997
  • Personal Relationships Research & Education, 1997
  • Ph. D. in Metaphysics, 1998
  • Macrobiotic Shiatsu, 1999
  • Feng Shui - Traditional; Classical; Yi Jing; and Chinese
    Astrology, 2004

Although no longer a member of the church, she was
Raised Roman Catholic which introduced her to Mother Mary
at an early age.  As a child she has been and always
remains a fan of Mother Mary, which to this date remains
one of her favorites among many of the
Ascended Masters
and Heavenly Mothers.

Marjo has been raising, and home-schooling her grandson,
since the very beginning, and is a member of The Ontario
Federation of Teaching Parents (OFTP), while she also
volunteered as Coach for Mini-Soccer for Volunteer Pool.

She was a certified and active Foster Parent and worked  
part-time as a Prime Worker for CAS Thunder Bay.

What is she doing now?

She is a Successful Landlady / property manager and
maintains her own rental properties.

She operates her Home Base Internet Business.

She is a member of the American Union of NLP.

She offers
Life Coaching, NLP, and Hypnosis Sessions in
her home office,
Helping you Design and Achieve the
Life You Dream of!
Marjo Potec

Certified NLP Practitioner,
and Life Coach


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