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By 2005 my cat, Missy, was
overweight, and she
had difficulty breathing, I
feared she wasn't going to
live much longer.

Sometime later, I found
out that there had been a
problem with animal food
which came from China, I
didn't want to risk giving my
animals any of it, for those
two reasons I decided to
change their diet.

I decided to make them
their food myself. I was just
testing, and learning then. I
mistakenly gave them bacon
fat that someone gave me
to add to the food I was
making for them. My cat
almost died. It cost me over
$800 to have her treated. I
changed all of their food

Now in 2015, Missy, is not
only still alive but she is
beautiful and healthy and
still plays like a kitten.

It's simple, what you eat
affect your health no matter
who you are.

I often say that my
animals eat better then
most children I know, and
most adults for that matter.

My cat has no choice. It's
either eat what I offer or eat
nothing. But
you have
choices, in fact you choose
how you will live your life
every second of every
minute with every thoughts
and feelings you have.

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PS: About nine months after
this story was written my cat
Missy died (Nov 13, 2015)
two months before my Mother
passed away - the vet said:
"she's not sick, she's old, but
she is dying."

She gave me one day's
warning and died at home, in
my lap. Nine months later,
my 14 year old dog died, one
year after our boy Tigger
died, he was 18 years old - it
was all a lot to handle...