Shamans have known for millennia that dreams can open a portal to
rapid healing, guidance from the “higher” levels of reality, and the
wisdom of our ancestors — information that can have an immediate
positive impact on your life and even help heal our planet.

If you’ve suspected that these powerful healers were right and that your
dreams do hold great possibilities for you, then I’m thrilled to connect
you to a special online presentation featuring shamanic dreaming
expert Robert Moss, who’s also the bestselling author of Dreaming the
Soul Back Home and 13 other books on the transformative power of

Robert will present a FREE online event: Shamanic Dreaming in the
Iroquois Tradition: An Initiation into Healing, Wisdom & Human Survival.

You can register here now!

During this complimentary hour, you’ll discover:

  •    How to recognize the secret wishes of your soul, as revealed in
    your dreams
  • That you’re already a time traveler in your dreams, and as you
    turn this into a conscious practice, you can choose and co-create
    a better future
  • How to see and clarify future events revealed in dreams and take
    action to avoid unwanted circumstances and manifest desirable
  • The practice of “taming a dream” that predicts the future to
    mitigate an unwanted outcome
  • Robert’s cutting-edge new work on exploring the multiverse and
    the multidimensional self

You’ll start to understand how to engage dreaming as a way of direct
experience that can help you ascertain the voice of your heart, find the
best pathway forward, and become a conscious citizen of what Robert
calls the “multiverse.”

I invite you to join me for this mind-expanding hour that can open your
life to new possibilities and the magic of shamanic dreaming!

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I have already taken two courses with Robert Ross and I have done so
much healing that I feel the need to share his work with anyone who is
looking for help in healing any part of their lives.

P.S. Robert is a brilliant and fascinating teacher and will share a little-
known lineage of shamanic dream practice from the Iroquois people that
will challenge your very understanding of reality.

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FREE event - Shamanic Dreaming in the Iroquois Tradition