NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is simple the study of
human behaviour.  If you study what a successful person
does, and copy what they do, you too can become just as

I was first introduced to NLP while running my own
Metaphysical Store - MYSTIC in the mid 1990's. Since
then, I have used it to
learn to spell, leave unhealthy
relationships, let go of unwanted and unhealthy feelings,
regaining my health after a car accident, and create wealth
- and so can you!

I even used it to lose weight while I was a young adult, I
just never knew, then, that I was using NLP until I studied
to become a practitioner.

As you can now see, NLP can be used in a multitude of
ways, from gains or releases.

You've been exposed to it all of your life, in commercials,
in sales copies, even in your daily life. Once you start
reading about it you will start recognising it. As I said, NLP
is the study of human behaviour, the good and the not so


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