When I was able to let go, I Learned to Spell
by Marjo Potec

My Third Grade

Sometimes small things can affect our life for as long as we live,
and then some, unless we change our
limiting belief.

When I first studied NLP at NLP University in San José California in
2000, we got to work on ourselves and practice on each other. That
is when I discovered the reason why I had never learned to spell,
until then. I couldn't write a sentence without a few mistakes in it.

As it turns out, and part of me already knew that, in my mind if I
learned to spell I was giving my abusive third grade teachers
approval for having given me the strap for every mistake I made in

We regularly had two dictations, one for each language. In one
paragraph I would have almost as many mistakes as there were
words. In other words, I would have about 40 mistakes in one
dictation, so I would get hit 40 times with the strap, 20 times per

In my mind, if I learned to spell, I made them right; I was giving them
permission for having given me the strap as a way to teach me how
to spell. I didn't want to make them right for having abused me
throughout my whole third grade. This was something I had never
forgotten; it was deeply embedded sub-consciously. At the time I
had not shared this with my parents in the fear of getting the strap
again at home. What else is a child to think?

When the law changed and the right to use the strap in school was
removed, I must have been the happiest kid on the face of the
earth. They could no longer control me by fear, at least where the
strap was concerned. I was finally able to relax while at school; but
little did I know how that had affected me on an unconscious level.

Even something that we have perceived as truth can have the
same affect as something that we lived. Many times one NLP
consultation, or one
Hypnosis Session, will remove many years of
what could have been permanent damage.

In this case I had the limiting belief that I could not learn to spell.
This belief was keeping me safe. It was keeping me from getting

When I changed the belief, I realized that all these years I had
allowed those two teachers to continue to control me in my own
mind. When I “saw” that, I was able to make the change, and even
though there is still room for improvement, I did learned to spell.

Learn to spell now using NLP concepts!

What's been keeping you from moving on?

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