The Power of Suggestion to Hurt or to Heal!

I had been treated for arthritis and was told by my specialist
to sale my cleaning service and go apply for disability
because there was no prescription he could give me, and
there was no operation he could do to help me, and he said
that within two years I was going to be in a wheelchair. That
was back in 1992.  

I was a single mom, and my cleaning service was my only
income except for CPP (Survivor’s Benefit) which helped but
was no way going to support us.

He also told me that a cleaning service had to be the worst
job I could have picked for myself.  You see, not only I had
arthritis as a teen and as a young adult, but also because of
a car accident while I was a teenager in which I had cracked
my right hip. It was causing me a lot of pain even years later,
as arthritis had settled in it.

Talk about discouraging your client, that was a powerful
hypnotic suggestion
, but I have never been one to believe
everything people tell me, and I had already develop a
distrust in the medical system because of other
circumstances - thank God for that. I left his office telling
“like hell I will, I'll show him!”  And that was the
beginning of my search for better ways of living, and here I
am healthier than I have ever been, in spite of all the
accidents I had.

I never went back to him until the year 2000, when I was
forced to do so by my insurance, because he had my pass
medical records, after another car accident where I was rear
ended by a drunk driver. When they discovered I had been
treated for arthritis they were quick to blame the pain I was in
on that. His own tests showed that I
had no trace of arthritis
in my whole body.  

What can they say, it was his own tests every time I was
tested. I won my case. After the settlement more of his tests
discovered that my shoulder had been ripped and that was
the reason why I could not move my arm. It had fused in an
attempt to heal itself; I
used NLP, self-hypnosis, and other
healing techniques to heal my body and my mind.

This is me, up high, in 2008 climbing the wall (in a good

Do I look like I belong in a wheelchair?

I am now managing and maintaining my own rental houses,
and managing other landlord's houses. I am raising and
homeschooling my fourteen year old grandson. I am
managing my own Web Sites, and always learning something

Now you might think how did she do it? It was simple, I just
decided to change and I followed through, but because I
didn't know what I know now about NLP, Hypnosis,
Macrobiotic, and so on, it was a long learning journey.

I used the same technique to lose weight in my late teens,
although I didn't know that was NLP then, I was desperate to
lose weight and I just did what I needed to do to reach my

I never put the weight back on!  

Now I understand what I did in my mind to accomplish all that I
did, and I am making available the Information you need so
that you too will know how to accomplish your strongest

One of the many issues around my health and lack of it, was
History of Abuse - that too you can overcome, as I did -
click here to find out how!

When my cat was sick I changed her diet and she got better.
My cat had no choice to eat what I gave her.  But you have
choices, in fact you choose how you will live your life every
second of every minute.

As humans, we choose what we eat, what we drink, what we
purposefully expose our body to, with the exception of some
environmental pollution that is out of our own control.  We
also choose our thoughts and emotions which formulates our
day to day living.

We choose to smoke or not, we choose to consume alcohol
or not, we choose to eat a meat and potato diet or not, and
so on. Most of all we choose our thoughts constantly, which
greatly affects what else we choose.

I know this isn't always easy, and that's why there are
products to help you.  I can help you with that. You can use
any of the product I offer here. Remember, the choice is
yours, now choose to be free of limiting beliefs.

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